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Should you hire a professional or DIY your event decor?

When planning a party, you may wonder if it's best to hire a professional decorator or if you should make the decorations yourself. Well I'm here to help you make that decision!

There are two sides to every story and making the decision to hire someone or DIY is no different! Here are four things to consider and the positives and negatives of each:

1. Does making your own decorations bring you joy or is it just stressful?

Some people are quite crafty and take pride in making their own decorations, invitations, etc. In fact, that's how Set The Scene started many years ago! We found a lot of enjoyment in making event decor for our personal events which turned into helping others with their events. What we've found is that while some people love making decor, a lot need help and can quickly become frustrated or stressed their vision isn't turning out or won't be done in time. If you find you are stressed or running out of time, don't worry! There are many professionals that can help and will love bringing your vision to life.

2. Do you want to experience the event the same as your guests?

A perk of hiring a professional is a more relaxed experience before and during the event. Many of our clients want to arrive at the same time as their guests and get the full experience and ambience of the decorations and theme. A lot prefer to be surprised when they arrive versus seeing the decorations ahead of time. Either way, even if you hire a professional, you can still take an active role in overseeing the decor if you like!

3. Do you consider yourself a perfectionist?

This is a tough one! Many people want to decorate events themselves so they can be sure every detail is exactly how they want. However, I promise you a lot of professionals are just as much of a perfectionist as you. This is why we do this!! It's our passion to bring your ideas to life and we are just as invested as you in making sure everything is perfect!

4. How do you want to allocate your finances and time?

No matter if you are going to DIY your decor or hire it out, the financial aspect is always something to consider and doing it yourself may not necessarily cost less. Besides actual dollars - a lot of time, skill and energy goes into each project we create. The same will go for you if you choose to DIY. You'll have to keep in mind not only the cost of supplies and tools but also how long it may take you to make and how you will transport your decor to the venue and set it up.

In conclusion, the biggest thing to remember is that professionals are here to help and we want you to be wowed by the decorations you choose for your event. Many will even provide tips and tricks for your project if you choose to DIY - just ask us! But if you prefer to hire a professional, make sure to find one you trust and then watch the magic happen!

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