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Giant Paper Flower Wall Backdrops

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Want a wow factor at your event? Then a giant paper flower wall may be what you're looking for! The beauty of paper flower walls is that they are completely customizable when it comes to colors and styles and you never have to worry about your favorite flower wilting or being out of season! Here we'll show you some of our favorite giant paper flower walls.

Perfectly Blush

Roses and hydrangeas in shades of pale pinks, blushes and creams

Stunning Neutrals

Sunflowers, roses and hydrangeas in shades of beiges, creams, blush and rose gold

Beautiful Ombre

Floral Mix in graduating colors from White to Pinks to Burgundy

As you can see there are many styles and colors you can choose with giant paper flower walls. All backdrops can be customized to fit seamlessly into your event and wow your guests. Be sure to save and share any photos you find here that you love!

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