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Cherry Blossom Trees for your Wedding

Cherry blossom trees have long been admired for their beauty and many people wish they could have these gorgeous trees at their wedding. Well, you can! With faux trees, you can enjoy them at any location at your venue (and in any climate!). Below are some examples of the types and shapes of faux cherry blossom trees available so you can envision how they may be incorporated into your decor.

The classic style has the shape of cherry blossom trees as you would find them in nature. They stay true to a traditional look when choosing decor.

Heart shaped trunks really show the love with their shape and impressive height. These trees are perfect for any celebration of love!

And finally, the arches! You can choose to have a single half arch or utilize two trees to create a full stunning arch. The arches are perfect for ceremonies, photo backdrops and walkways.

Faux cherry blossom trees can be a stunning addition to any event. With the different styles available, the look can be customized to fit your vision.

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