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Benefits of a Friday Wedding Date

Not sure if choosing a Friday is a good idea for a wedding date?

Read below learn about some of pros of having your wedding on a Friday.

When choosing your wedding date, you may automatically think it should be on a Saturday, right? However, it is becoming increasingly popular to have a wedding on a different day of the week such as a Friday or Sunday. This may seem odd at first, but once you get used to the idea you will see that alternative days have their advantages as well as some perks.

We chose to get married on a Friday and absolutely loved it!
Three things that sold us on a Friday date were:
  1. Our venue offered some discounts and perks as well as incentives for choosing a Friday

  2. We were able to reallocate some funds to other areas so we could have more of what we wanted on our special day

  3. We (and our guests!) were able to utilize the rest of the weekend in a way that worked best for us

Many venues offer discounts and incentives for choosing a date other than a Saturday

Our venue offered a lower price per guest if we chose a Friday reception. We were also able to choose two items from a list of add-ons as an extra bonus. The items we chose were two additional hours of bar time and a specialty coffee and tea bar for after dinner. These add-ons allowed us to better cater to our guests and offer them additional time to enjoy drinks and more variety to choose from.

Saving money in one area allows you extra to spend in other ways

Due to the savings of choosing a Friday, we were able to reallocate those funds to our décor budget. This was super exciting as we had a certain vision in mind for the reception and we were able to achieve that by investing more with our florist.

Friday weddings leave the rest of the weekend open for you and your guests

We were not planning to leave on our honeymoon until a month after the wedding (more on why you should delay your honeymoon in a later post!). This meant we were headed back to work on Monday morning after our wedding weekend. Having our wedding on Friday allowed us to enjoy brunch with our family on Saturday then spend Sunday recharging and reflecting on the weekend before heading back to the workweek.

Some may think a Friday wedding might be inconvenient for your guests. However, we all know that those who want to share your special day with you will make sure they are there! Many people don’t work Monday-Friday 9-5 and would potentially need to take time off even if it was a Saturday wedding. Also, many people like to go out on Friday evenings for date night or to unwind and a wedding is a great excuse to get dressed up and enjoy a nice meal and music at your reception! Since receptions are typically in the evening and not everyone will attend your ceremony regardless of what day or time it is anyway, a Friday evening should definitely be on your list of considerations when choosing your wedding date.

In the end, your wedding date should be what makes you feel most comfortable. For us, it was a Friday and it worked out perfectly for us and our guests. I hope this perspective gives you some insight on choosing an alternative day of the week to get married. Let us know how your Friday wedding went or if you have any questions about the benefits of choosing an alternative wedding day!

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